Human beings are curious creatures; most of the time we want to know how things work and are constantly finding answers to questions and mysteries. From reading news about people we will most likely never meet to exploring places, the desire to know the answer to everything has become part of human nature.

It is unsurprising that we get curious of how others see or identify us; we see others through our eyes every day, and most of us have wanted to be able to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes.

Out of curiosity, I have spoken to someone who has known me for at least 5 years : My cousin. She identifies me as someone who is optimistic , likes to keep things to myself, very cautious of other people’s feelings and dislikes troubling others. She also sees me as a person who tends to be quiet around people I’m not close to but very hyper around those I’m comfortable with.

Personally, I find her analysis to be mostly similar to  my perception of myself, but with some differences : While I am aware that my own behaviour around others depends on how comfortable I am with them, I see myself as someone who is insensitive to others  while others sees me differently.

From this, I conclude that we all display traits that we may not be aware of and that it is important that we become more aware of ourselves.