What do I like and dislike most about Singapore? Do I possess any of these positive/negative characteristics?

Not all countries are perfect, and the same could be said for Singapore. Just like any other nation, it has its strengths and weaknesses.

Out of the several things I like about Singapore, apart from its high living standards and multi-cultural society, the one thing that I admire the most about Singapore is that it is able to transform from a third world country to a developed, first world nation. And this is achieved through the perseverance of the people and Singapore’s ability to embrace change; our forefathers have overcome all odds and challenges in order for Singapore to survive, and even during the time Singapore recently became independent, Singaporeans eventually became more capable at adapting to global trends and changes, allowing us to be more technologically advanced.

However, Singapore has its flaws as well. While there are several things I dislike such as the hot and humid weather and how it seems bland when compared to other countries, the one thing I dislike most about Singapore is how ridiculous  local citizen journalism websites can get at times. While it allows Singaporeans to be informed of happenings in Singapore, most of the time,  people seem to be misusing such platforms  by using them to humiliate and invade the privacy of others by taking photos of others without their permission, and the fact that such . This indirectly promotes a culture where people embarrass one another; and this resonates with another major issue happening in the world : cyber-bullying.

I possess several characteristics mentioned in this post : perseverance and the willingness to  adapt and embrace change.

This is evident from the stage of preparation for my ‘N’ levels. Ever since I was Secondary 3, I had already set my mind to doing well in order to enter the Polytechnic Foundation Program (PFP). Because of that, I put in a lot of effort to improve my grades. Although my initial attempts, especially during my mid-year examinations, were terribly disappointing, I did not allow my disappointment to consume and pull me down and I eventually learned from my mistakes. Because of this, my dreams eventually came true.

A way I display my willingness to adapt and embrace change is that I am willing to let go of the past and move forward; although I am aware that I have made numerous mistakes and done unforgivable things in the past, I do not dwell in those memories and instead move on and learn from them, giving myself an opportunity to change myself for the better.