Most of the time, when we compare Singapore to other countries, it would be like comparing a cup of black coffee to a caramel macchiato – Other countries seem more appealing than Singapore. The fact that they seem to have more Nobel Prize recipients and internationally famous people compared to Singapore further reinforces this. It seems as though other countries are much more “creative” or “fun”.

Using the coffee simile mentioned earlier, many people know about the bland, bitter taste of coffee but not about the fact that it can make you happier and even lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. ( -coffee/)

The point here is that like black coffee, Singapore is usually subject to similar treatment; people tend to focus on the not-so-appealing characteristics and overlook its “bright side”.  Whenever the word “Singapore” comes to mind, we often think of hot weather, strict laws (especially the chewing gum ban) and fines, but most of us do not know that Singapore is home to numerous useful and creative inventions. Here is a list of 5 Singaporean inventions :

  1. The 1st commercial USB Flash Drive (aka the Thumbdrive)


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  • If this simple invention never existed, millions worldwide would lose many more important documents and be unable to share data easily. In other words, the thumbdrive is a life-saver. Created by Trek Technology, a Singapore-based company, this device never fails to disappoint.

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2.  Rotimatic


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  • This invention is not commercially available yet but it has already raised millions of dollars from countries such as the US from pre-order sales. Thanks to this unique invention, people can now make their own chapatti/roti (Indian flatbread) within a shorter period of time without having to get their hands dirty. Apart from that, it is easy to clean as well.  Created by an Indian couple in Singapore ,it will be a matter of time before the Indian flatbread becomes conveniently available at the comfort of homes worldwide.

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3.  MTech FeverScan S3000


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  • Created during the SARs outbreak in Singapore at least a decade ago, this invention uses thermal imaging to scan and detect people down with fever. First used at Changi Airport, it is now utilised around the globe. This equipment has probably saved many lives and reduced the number of viral infections.

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4.  EyeFly3D


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  • Created by Temasek Polytechnic and a unit for the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star), viewing 3-dimensional content is no longer exclusive to cinemas and expensive television sets. In order to use this invention. Users are only required to acquire a plastic film of the same name and download apps (EyeFly3D Image & EyeFly3D Video) in order to access 3D media from their personal mobile devices. This app is also revolutionary in many ways : It allows 3D content to be viewed in both portrait and landscape mode and the film does not affect the viewing of 2-dimensional content. These characteristics of the invention have never been created by anything else in the world, which makes this invention truly unique.

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5.  B Pro Monitor


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  • Created by Dr Ting Choon Meng, a Singaporean Doctor, this watch-like device provides more accurate readings of a person’s blood pressure as compared to other medical equipment. Despite its simple function and purpose, this device is a major breakthrough in the medical world.

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Out of this list, my favourite invention has to be the Thumbdrive. As I have said before, this invention is really useful as it makes our lives more convenient and efficient (being able to share information even without internet access & without having to bring our computers). Apart from that, there are also many fun ways to use this invention (http://www.cnet.vom/how-to/10-awesome-ways-to-use-a-usb-flash-drive/).

If I were inventor, I would probably invent something that makes life easier. I’m uncertain if this has been thought of or already invented, but an example of something I would invent would be a solar-powered cooler for a car; basically, this cooler would operate on solar power and cool the inside of a car while it is parked under the Sun. This invention is environmentally-friendly and also reduces discomfort for passengers and drivers of a vehicle (a hot surface isn’t the most comfortable place to sit on, especially in hot weather).