Newspapers and television often broadcast and report of stories of atrocities conducted by terrorists who identify as Muslims, justifying their actions as part of their religion. As this happens almost on a daily basis, it is easy for people, specifically non-Muslims,  to perceive Islam as a violent or bloodthirsty religion. This belief is further fueled by the fact that it seems as though Muslims do not seem to openly condemn or object to these acts. But is this true?

An article that I found on, a citizen journalism website, proves this statement wrong. The title of this article is : A Muslim Chaplain Explains What It’s Like to Be American Today. The article can be found here : (

Basically, the article is about a Muslim American who raises awareness of Islamophobia happening in the USA through social media.

What really makes this story interesting is how it inspires the reader to stand up against injustice. The article says “We do not have to be women to stand up women’s rights, black to stand up for black rights, or Muslim to stand up for Muslim rights. An attack on any of us is an attack on all of us” and ” If you see bigotry, say something. If you see hatred, say something. If you see racism, say something. You and I have to be the change that this world needs”. Personally, I am certain that more people should take heed of these words; in this era, most of the time when something bad happens or when people witness a calamity, instead of actually doing something, most of the time they stay silent or idle.

For example, when an accident occurs, it is common to see people filming it on their devices rather than actually doing something. This other story that I found online further illustrates this behavior : (