I define unusual as something which differs from the ordinary; something rare to find. Therefore, an unusual occupation is, to me, a job that differs from an ordinary, conventional 9 to 5 job.

An example of an “unusual occupation” is a certified Lego professional. Basically, a person with such an occupation gets to build Lego structures all day while getting paid for it. Sounds easy, right?

Picture from : (https://sg.style.yahoo.com/blogs/going-out-by-day/plays-lego-day-gets-paid-while-building-em-145129242.html)


However, according to the only certified Lego professional in Southeast Asia,  a Singaporean named Nicholas Foo (the man pictured above), being a certified Lego professional is not as easy as it seems. According to him, in order to be a certified Lego professional, one has to “show that they are creative, demonstrate that they are a people person, carry themselves well and have a good business plan”.

Despite the fact that it is difficult to acquire such an occupation, I still see this occupation as something I might actually consider taking up.

I enjoy playing with Lego bricks as  it is one of the very few toys that are versatile : just from a single Lego set, you can have a castle, space station and many others – the only limit is the player’s imagination and creativity.

Apart from that, playing with Lego also helps with problem-solving; something that I actually enjoy. Problem-solving is prominent in Lego building as it makes you try to find solutions using a limited amount of resources (e.g. finding a way to make a structure more stable with just a few pieces of bricks).

I also find the experience of playing with Lego bricks to be really rewarding as you get to see the tangible results of your efforts; after spending a lot of time and effort building a structure, you get to see yourself transforming tiny pieces into a masterpiece. The feeling of self-satisfaction from this is great.

From this…
To this.

(Pictures are from google.)

Another thing that is much more satisfying than assembling a sculpture out of Lego bricks is actually getting paid for it; you get to do what you like for living while getting paid for it.