The experience of being “physically challenged” while eating lunch at Dining in the Dark was rather eye-opening despite being unable to see the whole time as it was something I have never done or experienced before in my life. I have also learned what it was like to be visually handicapped and from what I’ve learnt, it was definitely not easy living like that. As it is rather challenging to eat a meal without being able to see, one can imagine how hard it is living an entire life like that.

As it was my first time, I definitely encountered several challenges along the way. One example of such a challenge was trying to eat while being unable to see anything. As nothing was visible, I had to use my sense of touch and hearing to locate where the cup, plates, utensils and food were. Fortunately, I was able to learn to adapt to the lack of visibility rather quickly.

Another challenge I faced was trying to eat without spilling any food anywhere. As I was unable to see a thing, I would definitely have a much higher chance of spilling food or drinks on either the table or on myself. I was easily able to overcome this challenge by moving at a slower pace; for example, while pouring a drink into my glass, I poured the drink slowly and carefully to prevent any spillage.

In other words, my experience of dining in the dark was initially challenging but it became easier once I was able to adapt. However, I am certain that if I was doing this without the help of the people serving the food or doing something other than dining, it would be much more challenging to me.

Despite being visually handicapped, I found the experience enjoyable as I got to talk and laugh together with my other classmates. We get to bond over this experience by sharing jokes and taking turns sharing stories with one another while eating. Apart from that, I have also become more appreciative of my sense of sight as I am more aware of how difficult it is to live life while being physically challenged.