From the beginning of semester 2 till the final presentation, my group and I have been through a lot. As all of us has greatly contributed to this project, our final product, CoffeeTherapy, without our contributions.

Before we could get started, my group and I worked together to come up with ideas. I, together with the 2 other group members, Jer Lyn and Wing Shan, listed 3 inventions that I saw during the excursion to the Red Dot Museum, which was Aquatunes, Costarica Tarrazu Coffee and ESPIRE gas mask.

After sharing ideas, me and my group came up with our final product. Afterwards, I helped to interview various classmates on our product. I recorded their responses and then wrote them on sticky notes.



Apart from that, I also helped to cluster the data into the empathy map. b5c2f2a3-27fb-40eb-8a6e-e546ec6ed347.jpg

Later on, the group leader, Wing Shan, organised a meetup session to build the prototype. I assisted in the construction of the prototype.